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Waist Beads For weight Loss

Who enjoys stepping on the scale and watching the numbers climb?

Waist beads have been around since the 15th century. They are worn by both women and men for many different reasons including, adornment, the rite of passage, manifestation, and measuring physical growth.

Waist beads are individual to the wearer.

I wear waist beads for body awareness. My weight goes up and down with stress. I know I need start eating more when my beads start dropping, .

Waist beads hold me accountable for what I eat.

When I stuff nyself with food, my waist beads get tight and roll up. My waist beads drop down when the food is digested.

Waist beads make me feel beautiful.

I cannot stop myself from looking at my body in the mirror. It almost feels like having a new body tattoo, my waist beads are a part of me. I have a unique connection with every strand of strand that I tie on my body.

And like my underwear, I choose who I show them to.

my waist beads are handcrafted works of art created to empower Queens